The 3rd Edition of The Complete Guide To Collecting Composer Coins is available now at Amazon.

World Coins, with Variations on a Composer Theme.
Paperback: 116 pages (Color) | Retail: $21.90
Copyright/Publish Date: 2022/Jan 2023
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Print ISBN: 979-8-691-68689-4

Changes for the 3rd Edition:
- Front cover changed to coincide with the 250th Anniv. of Beethoven's birth.
        (10 new coins in 2020)
- 561 coins, 151 composers, 81 countries.
- New content format.
- KM/Y numbers added for many coins.
- Many more coin images.
- Coins Sorted by Date removed (to reduce pagecount).
- Suggested coin prices removed (impossible to keep track of).

The 2nd Edition of Coins For Kids is available now at Amazon.

An Introduction to U.S. Coinage and Discovery Guide.
Paperback: 68 pages (Color) | Retail: $14.95
Copyright/Publish Date: Oct 2020
Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Print ISBN: 979-8-690-86425-5

While there are many book options available for experienced and specialty collectors, COINS FOR KIDS is an introduction to U.S. Coinage for kids and young adults - or for anyone jumping into the big world of coin collecting. It includes real pictures of coins you can find with a little effort, and a little history and specifications for each coin to get you started. It estimates you chances of finding certain coins in circulation, and introduces coins you might find at the bank, and others you have to order.

The second edition includes expanded information on the new America The Beautiful Quarters, Native American Dollar, Innovation Dollar, and Commemorative issues.

The Radford University Highlander Brass Quintet (+/-) performed two of Kevin's brass quintet works on the April 9, 2017 Phi Mu Alpha recital during the Alumni/Initiation weekend. Many thanks to them and all the officers and members who put so much work and effort into plannning such a great weekend!

L to R: Josh Spiegelblatt, Kareem Elrefai, Kevin Paul, Cole Mitchell, Jonathan Stoots, Kayla Short, Caleb Fisher.
Thanks to all the concert bands who've posted videos of March of the Chinchillas. I have enjoyed watching them!

Kevin's March of the Chinchillas (Grand Mesa Music) is featured in the new publication Teaching Music Through Performance in Middle School Band (GIA Publications).

Kevin's Appalachian Hymnsong is featured on the debut album cd of da Capo Brass®, who commissioned the work. The cd, titled "from the beginning", is produced by Delos® and will be released worldwide in Jan. 2012. Buy the digital release from iTunes or Amazon or Classical Archives or Naxos or ClassicsOnline.

Kevin will guest conduct his Daydream at the Longwood University Honors Band (under the direction of Dr. Gordon Ring) concert on Friday, Jan. 6, 2012. Read a local news article about it here.

The Farmington Jr. High Symphonic Band will perform Kevin's March of the Chinchillas, published by Grand Mesa Music, at the MidWest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago - Dec. 16, 2011.

Sinfonia brother Mario Ruiz performed Kevin's Appalachian Hymnsong (with friends) on his senior recital on Dec. 7, 2012 at Radford University's Covington Hall.
The Roanoke Chamber Brass performed several of Kevin's works during their July 2011 demonstration concert at the summer governor's school camp at Radford University's Covington Hall.

L to R: Barry Tucker, Dawn Harbin, Kevin Paul, Charles Krause, Steve Hedrick, Jeff Kresge.
da Capo Brass® premiered Kevin's Appalachian Hymnsong (which they also commissioned)
on March 15, 2011 at the Southeastern Composers League Forum held at North Carolina State University's Stewart Theater.

L to R: Kevin Paul, Luke Boudreault, Paul Pietrowski, Mary Pritchett Boudreault, Steve Sutton, Brent Harvey.
The Radford University Brass Quintet performed Kevin's Evening Song (U.S. Premiere) and Two Pieces: Air & Danse on October 21, 2010 at Radford University's Covington Hall as part of the New Horizons concert series.

L to R: Kevin Paul, Matthew Warnock, Mario Ruiz, Bill Roethlisberger, Nathan Philipp, Nathan Forrest.
The Roanoke Chamber Brass premiered Kevin's Two Pieces: Air & Danse on March 13, 2009 at the Southeastern Composers League Forum held at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

L to R: Dawn Chernault, Charles Krause, Erik Stegall, Kevin Paul, Jeff Kresge, Steve Hedrick